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  • Al Nahda-2, Amman Street, Dubai, UAE
  • Our Aim

    1. To demonstrate continuing commitment to the widest possible access so that any individual  who is awarded a place at the School will be able to take up his place regardless of the social, cultural, ethnic or  religious background of his family.
    2. To promote successful, enthusiastic and inspirational teaching and learning within the context of a balanced, broad and flexible curriculum enriched with extra and co-curricular activities.
    3. To continue to improve existing and when required develop new systems and facilities; and thereby provide a safe, well-maintained and effectively used environment for pupils and staff.
    4. To promote the School and its work vigorously to existing parents, prospective parents, alumni and the local community; build upon the links established; encourage co-operation and partnerships with local schools and others in the wider community, seeking further opportunities to provide public benefit; and enhance the reputation of the School within the region, nationally and internationally.
    5. To provide appropriate opportunities both for professional development and supportive performance management.
    6. To provide coherent, clear and supportive management at all levels.
    7. To provide strong pastoral and related support, with clear moral and spiritual foundations, for all ages.
    8. To promote respect and tolerance for the individual and for individuality, develop independent thinking and learning for all pupils, encourage individual passions and enthusiasms both curricular and co-curricular, and endeavor to treat the students within the School as individuals.
    9. To develop within the School community as a whole quality of leadership, creativity, appropriate risk-taking, and responsiveness to changes and challenges.
    10. To encourage the widest possible participation in sports and co-curricular activities.
    11. To provide appropriately for those who need additional support to fulfill their potential by virtue of physical or psychological disability or a typical learning style or process.
    12. To contribute actively and effectively towards UAE National Agenda by providing high quality education to our graduates and help them excel in international bench mark exams IBT, PIRLS, Checkpoint and IGCSE.