Admission Procedure

Admission Policy Procedures and Requirements:

Greetings from the DCS Team!

Parents who wish their children to be registered at Dubai Carmel School must complete an online enquiry form

Supporting Documents

The supporting documents that are required when a registration is submitted are:

  • Student Birth Certificate Copy (in English or Arabic)
  • Student Passport and Visa Copy
  • Parent Passport and Visa Copy
  • Student Emirates Card ID Copy (both sides)
  • Parent Emirates Card ID Copy (both sides)
  • Immunisation Certificate Copy
  • Most Recent School report card copy
  • Leaving Certificate with attestations (in case you are new to the country)
  • 5 Passport size photographs of the student.

Entry Criteria

Dubai Carmel School takes pride to be a school that welcomes with open arms children of all kinds. All children are welcome to apply to Dubai Carmel School, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or religion.

Dubai Carmel School is an inclusive school which means that children with additional learning needs can be a part of our school. We believe that each and every child is unique and must be awarded with the gift of education.

Parents need to ensure that all relevant information regarding their child is included with the online Application Form: information regarding allergies, special medical conditions, up to date contact details, and emergency telephone numbers for both parents. Also, they must keep the school updated with their child?s health issues if there are any along with their vaccination records.

Foundation Stage/Lower/Middle/Upper School reports from previous school/nurseries will be reviewed by the academic teaching staff and if deemed necessary, may be followed by an assessment or interview. In case of an assessment, the test results will be declared within 4 days of the test.

After passing the assessment, the parents must proceed to the student registrar in the Admin department in order to fulfil the documentation and sign the contract.

Once done, parents must proceed to the accounts department in order to finalize the admission and pay fees.

Students applying for admission to Year 12 (AS Levels) are exempted from the entrance exam and are allowed to take subjects provided they have scored at least a C Grade in the same subject at IGCSE Level.

For more details, please contact:

Mr. Abdulla Abu YOunis (04-2675424? Ext. 202) for admission in Year 2 ? 6 .
Mr. Tarek Ahmed??? (04-2675424? Ext. 217) for admission in Year 7 ? 12.
Ms. Wafaa Alfaraa (04-2675424? Ext. 210) for admission in FS 2 to Year. 4.