Dubai Carmel School?s computer lab is well organised and well equipped with ?cutting edge computers, projectors and Interactive Boards. ICT teachers take utmost care to provide every student with ?first hand knowledge of Computer Science.? Every student at DCS ?gets ?the chance ?of practical application of his/ her knowledge of computer science.Our I.C.T classes are strictly monitored and students can access only ?educational websites.

Pupil ICT acceptable use agreement policy:

  1. ?I will only use ICT systems in school, including the Internet, e-mail, digital?video, mobile technologies etc for school purposes.
  2. ?I will not download or install software on school technologies.
  3. I will only log on to the school network/Learning Platform with my own?user name and password.
  4. ?I will follow the schools ICT security system and not reveal my passwords?to anyone and change them regularly.
  5. I will only use my school e-mail address.
  6. I will make sure that all ICT communications with pupils, teachers or others?is responsible and sensible.
  7. I will be responsible for my behavior when using the Internet. This includes?resources I access and the language I use.
  8. ?I will not deliberately browse, download, upload or forward material that?could be considered offensive or illegal. If I accidentally come across any?such material I will report it immediately to my teacher.
  9. ?I will not give out my personal details such as my name, phone number,?photograph, address etc.
  10. ?Images of pupils and/or staff will only be taken stored and used for school?purposes in line with school policy and not be shared outside the school.
  11. I will ensure that my on-line activity, both in school and outside school will?not cause my school, the staff, pupils or others distress or bring into.
  12. ?I will support the school approach to online safety and not deliberately?upload or add any images, video, audio or text that could upset or offend any?member of the school community.
  13. ?I will respect the privacy and ownership of others? work on-line at all times.
  14. ?I will not attempt to bypass the Internet filtering system.
  15. ?I understand that all my use of the Internet and other related technologies?can be monitored and logged and can be made available to my teachers.
  16. ?I will be responsible for my behavior when using ICT because I know that?these rules are to keep me safe.
  17. I understand that these rules are designed to keep me safe and that if they are?not followed, school sanctions will be applied and my parent/carer may be.