Fees Structure

Payment Policy & School Fees Structure

Dubai Carmel School has a strict payment policy that satisfies and ensures the most conducive mechanism for both the parents and DCS. The policy is as follows:

  1. Registration fee is due in cash at the time of Registration and is non-refundable.
  2. Fees are due in a maximum of three (3) payments as follows:

– Aug 01  One third (1/3) of the invoice is due(Less any payment at the registration time)
– Dec 01  The second third of the invoice is due
– Mar 01  The final third of the invoice is due

Note:?The school uses a world class computerized accounting system that maintains multi-year payment records. DCS reserves the right to refuse extending the payment plan to parents that have a bad payment history!

  1. The first payment is due in Cash/Card Payment? on the first day of enrollment.
  2. The second and third payments must be secured against two cheque written in favour?of Dubai Carmel School upon registration.
  3. Students will receive books, uniforms, and other school materials upon confirmation of first payment.
  4. The school will charge a 200 AED penalty for all returned checks. If the check is returned, the parent is liable for ?full remaining balance of the invoice in cash plus the penalty of the returned check.
  5. Accounts department will exercise strict rules in collections and will take legal action if parents default in payment.
     School’s Fee Structure Table(2023-24)
Year Tuition Fees Books,Uniform Total fees
FS 2 8,912 3,354 12,266
Year1 8,912 3,354 12,266
Year2 9,059 3,685 12,744
Year3 9,285 3,734 13,019
Year4 9,434 3,734 13,168
Year5 9,584 3,950 13,534
Year6 9,584 4,058 13,642
Year7 9,584 4,166 13,750
Year8 10,931 4,280 15,211
Year9 11,682 4,275 15,957
Year10 12,430 4,275 16,705
Year11 13,027 4,280 17,307
Year12 13,627 4,275 17,902
Year13 15,124 4,382 19,506


Note 1:Transportation is optional and has Seven different zones based on the location of your residence.? Please contact the school?s transportation coordinator to identify the zone of your residence.

Note 2:Each additional child you enroll will receive a 5% discount on fees and transportation.
Essad or Fazaa Card holder recieve a 20% discount on tuition fees.