Foundation Stage

Dubai Carmel School is an English Medium School that provides Foundation Stage education (FS1 and FS2), as set out by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) of England. The EYFS is a framework set out by the British Government, that sets the standards for development, learning and care of children from birth to five years of age. It is important that all children are given the opportunity to experience the best possible start to their education.

Children will start in our Foundation Stage having had a range of different experiences. Within?FS1 and FS2, learning experiences of the highest quality are planned, considering children?s needs and achievements and the range of learning experiences that will help them make progress. Well-planned play is a key way in which children learn with enjoyment and challenge, both within the indoor and outdoor learning environments. The Foundation Stage prepares children for learning in Key Stage 1 and is consistent with a combination of National Curriculum for England and the social and cultural values of UAE.

The curriculum for two years Foundation Stage is planned in five areas of learning and development; all areas are important and inter-connected.