History of DCS

Dubai Carmel School was founded in 1990, by Dr Tarek Abu Younis and our visionary principal Mrs Alia Mahmood Al Yahya. In its nascent stage, it was a small school in two villas located at Jumeirah near Safa Park.

In 2001, almost a decade later, in order to accommodate the growing number of students the school had to be relocated to a new space, where we are presently located. ?We now are a family of 900 students and still counting. The school has welcomed with open arms students from various nationalities irrespective of their race or colour. The students at DCS are trained to be independent learners.

The school is affiliated by the CIA and follows the British Curriculum. Apart from the myriad of facilities it offers, DCS believes in empowering their students to engage ethically. It believes in educating the heart and the mind only then a child could be holistically developed.

We?re proud to call ourselves an inclusive school as the education imparted aims at promoting the growth and integration of all facets of the child?s personality, in an ambience of Arab culture, by providing quality education and opportunities for excellence to all. We also believe in educating the students to learn to respect cultural diversities and global citizenship. We?re advocates and followers of the principals and vision instilled in us by our forefathers. We empower our students with the values of peace, tolerance and acceptance where everyone learns to deal with sanity.

Tolerance isn?t just synonymous with respect; it also means acceptance and appreciation of the diversity of our world?s culture and we?ve managed to successfully encapsulate the values, vision and heritage of the UAE in our curriculum.