?Health is Wealth? is DCS Canteen?s Slogan

The school canteen sells healthy food, all inspected and checked by Dubai Municipality. The school management is very particular about the health of the students and ensures that unhealthy food such as fizzy drinks, chips, chocolates, glass bottled drinks, and sausages etc. are not sold or made available at school canteen in any form.


The canteen at Dubai Carmel School provides healthy food choices for students in the school canteen menu that reflect the?local healthy food options.Canteen can provide a substantial proportion of a child?s daily nutritional intake if both lunch and snacks are regularly purchased from the school canteen.

The canteen provides the means by which children and adolescents can put into practice the nutrition messages they are being taught in the classroom. The canteen can model healthier food choices that are tasty, interesting and affordable. This can influence food choices at school and in the wider community.

The canteen aims to:

  • provide an enjoyable, nutritious and attractively presented selection of food and drinks at reasonable prices
  • Help reduce health risk factors by encouraging the development of good eating habits consistent with the?Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents.
  • provide students with practical learning experiences about making healthy food choices, that reinforce classroom lessons.
  • function as an efficient enterprise.
  • demonstrate high standards of hygiene in relation to the preparation, storage and serving of food at the canteen.
  • provide an opportunity for the school community, through the canteen committee, to participate in decisions concerning the operation of the school canteen and the implementation of government policy.
  • Provide an opportunity for parent and community involvement in children?s education environment.