DCS has a fleet of buses that provide pick up and drop off services to students.

Students Drop Off and Pick-Up Procedures

Pick-up and drop off point:

  • The students who do not use the school buses are be dropped at ?GATE NO.1 on all five days of the week at 7:20 am.
  • Students who do not use the school buses are supervised by the security and teachers on duty for one hour after the school.
  • Gates of the school open for home time at 1:45 pm on all five days a week.
  • Everyday students are picked-up from GATE NO.1, which is the front door of the school.
  • Any change in pick-up or drop-off locations must be communicated in writing to Mr. Abdullah Younis, the transportation in charge.
  • Transportation to and from school and school-sponsored trips is a privilege and not a right. All student drop-off and pick-up will occur at gate NO.4 and 5.