Secondary Level


  • Secondary Level CurriculumKey Stage 3 (Years 7 to 9) & Key Stage 4? (Year 10 & 11)-IGCSEDubai Carmel School administers an escalated and strict level of education and discipline from the beginning of these grades onwards.?.
    In these three years, students are introduced and further onwards indulged into deeper subjects like Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business, Economics, Travel & Tourism, Environmental Management, Enterprise and ICT. These subjects are taught by accredited professional faculty members who will assist each student in the preparation for their Check Point Examinations in the ninth grade.The Check Point Examination comes directly from Cambridge International Examination (CIE).? Students will be tested on the three major milestones of Cambridge International learning and testing: English, Math and Science.? After taking the examination, students are given charts, graphs and reports on their levels in the subjects.? In doing so, we mean to provide intentional and sure paths of studying solutions in order for our fellow students to pass their IGCSE Ordinary Levels with honorary scores.

    This level of studies lays the foundation for the International General Certificate Secondary Examination (IGCSE) from the University of Cambridge (UK). Students are regularly assessed for achievement and effort in each subject. Formal assessments take place throughout the academic year. Our School offers the International General Certificate Secondary Examinations (IGCSE) in Grade?10 and Grade 11 while their studies for these examinations are spread from grade 9 to Grade 11. During Year 9, in consultation with Teachers and Parents, students identify subject options for the IGCSE. A student takes eight IGCSE subjects, four of which are core while other four have options:

    • Core Subjects:Mathematics, English, Coordinated Science (Double Award);

    A student selects one subject from each of the following four options :-

    • Social Sciences:Business Studies, Enterprise or Economics
    • Computing & Data Recording :Information & Communication Technology or Accounting
    • Languages/Religion:Arabic, French*, Urdu* or? Islamiyat
    • Free Option:?Physical Education, Art & Design, Environmental Management or Travel & Tourism

    New IGCSE Curriculum 2016-2017

  • Arabic & Islamic Education (for Muslims)?as per curriculum of MOE UAE
  • Our Secondary level offers challenges, responsibilities and great rewards for students as they reach the conclusion of their School career and prepare for university life or proceed to AS Levels (Grade 12).