Special Educational Needs Curriculum

Special Educational Needs department of Dubai Carmel School provides educational support to children with Inform ADHD, Autism, Asperger?s, Aphasia, Dyslexia Giftedness, and Handicaps. SEN Department helps figure out ways to create an inclusive classroom to facilitate and accelerate their learning.
Department of Special Education Needs follow UK Curriculum and Cambridge Endorsed resources specially tailored and modified to meet the educational needs of students with learning challenges. Main focus of the curriculum is to help students develop academic skills like reading, writing and counting.
Students? learning is supported through Individual Education Plan, Simplified booklets, worksheets, kinesthetic learning activities and strategies. Utmost care is taken to provide students with opportunities to get hands on experience and exposure to develop life skills.

SEN Subjects List Grade ( 1-8 ):
1. English
2. Mathematics
3. Science
4. Computer
5. Social Studies
6. Islamic Education
7. History/ Civics
8. Physical Education
9. Arts
10. Arabic
SEN Subjects List Grade (9-12):
1. General Science
2. Mathematics
3. English
4. Islamic Education
5. Physical Education
6. Arts
7. Arabic
8. Vocational Subjects like Sewing, Autocad, Photoshop.