? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Offences and Reformative Procedure Table?

Offence Reformative Procedure?

Unacceptable behaviour: This includes the following:?

Disrupting the class, shouting, leaving the class without authorisation, showing disrespect to? teachers and other students, lingering, failure to do work to the best of one’s ability, fighting, using inappropriate language, playing rough, behaving disrespectfully with others, throwing objects at others, bullying someone and indulging in acts of vandalism on campus and in the class

In? case a student?s behaviour falls into any of the mentioned the following procedure is followed:

First? time:? One on One counseling by teacher

Second Time: Team counseling by Subject leader and Subject teacher?

Third Time: Report to parents with approval from head of school and sent via section supervisor

Fourth Time:? Issuing warning letter duly signed by Head of School. Any student who repeats will be issued further warning letters (with gap of 15 days) followed by suspension from school.???

If a student continues to demonstrate unacceptable behaviour the school has the right to refuse him/ her admission in next academic session.?

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)


AssembliesAssemblies are an essential communication tool.

If a student is present in school campus he/ she are required to attend morning assemblies.

If a student is found avoiding morning assemblies without a valid reason/ he or she will not be allowed to enter the classroom or attend any pedagogic activity including sports. In that case he/she will either be given extra writing assignments long enough for the day or his/her parents will be called to him/her back home.?

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)


Travel on School Buses? this include the following:

Playing loud music, making noise, talking foul, disrespecting the bus staff, getting late for the bus, changing seats, damaging seats etc.

If a student?s actions on bus fall into any of the mentioned; he /she will meet the below given procedure:

First Time: Memo sent to the parents signed by transport in charge of the school.

Second Time:? Transport facility will be suspended for three ( 3) days.

Third time:? Transport facility will be suspended for ? thirty (30)days or in extreme cases will be cancelled/ terminated for the whole academic year. In such case? school will adhere to zero refund policy.?

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)

4. Dress Code/ Uniform Code: This includes the following:Failure to wear prescribed school uniform, wearing sports uniform on routine days, failure to wear sportswear on sports? days, making long? trendy, spiky and funky hair styles, using gel, wearing makeup,( nail polish, lipstick) wearing dangling jewellery, wearing coloured and trendy caps, and scarfs, long loose hair, wearing colourful hair bands, ribbon, clips etc

If? a student?s fails to meet the dress code of the school? he/ she will meet the following measures:

First Time:? student will be asked to sit in the school library for the whole day and do writing assignments and parents will be informed via a written note issued by section supervisor.?

Second Time:? A warning will be issued duly signed by Head of the school and delivered via section supervisor

Third Time:? Student will not be allowed to enter the school gate? and sent back home

Repeated Cases:? will be suspended from school

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)



Punctuality:? This includes;???

Tardiness, reporting late to school, reporting late to classes, roaming around in the area after the school time

If a student is not punctual he/ she may meet the following measures:

First Time: ? Oral counseling on time management will be given by the section supervisor? and parents informed

Second Time:? Parents will be informed, student suspended from school activities and extra writing assignment given

Third Time: Student will be suspended for two days via suspension letter signed by school head.

Repeated Cases:? Parents will be called to school for a PST triangular meeting to address the issue, if? still persists, student will be suspended for? One week.

Repeated cases will meet more severe measures decided by the school management.?

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)


School work:? this includes;?

Failure to complete class, home work, assignments, projects etc?

If a student fails to submit the school work he/ she will meet the following measures;

First Time: ? One on one counseling by subject teacher

Second Time:? Team counseling by subject teacher and subject leader

Third Time:? Written note will be sent to parents via section supervisor

Fourth Time:? Warning letter will be issued by Head of School?

Repeated Cases: will result in suspension from school and refusal of admission for future academic session.

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)

7. Changing Classes between Lessons: this includes; making noise in the corridors, banging doors, leaving or entering the class without permission, pushing and pulling other students in corridors

If a student is involved in any of the mentioned offenses, section supervisor will suggest appropriate remedial action according to the situation.?

Repeated or habitual cases will result in warning letters and memos to the parents.?

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)


Out pass system: ? This includes the following:??

Misusing the pass, going to areas he/she is not authorised to go to by the pass he /she possesses?

If a student is involved in such act; he/ she will meet the following reformative measures:?

First Time:? student will get strict oral warning from section supervisor

Second Time: student will be given supervised social work (assigned by the section supervisor)

Third Time:? Student?s break and sports classes will be cancelled

Fourth Time: Warning letter will be issued to the student duly signed by School Head.?

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)

9 Attendance and Absences: this includes the following; ? remaining absent from the school for more than 15% of the school days, remaining absent from school for long intervals without obtaining prior permission from the head of school, late arrival for three or more consecutive days, missing lessons, taking French preparatory leaves prior to the exams, perpetual leaves without approval, outstation leave without informing the school

To ensure attendance the following procedure is followed by DCS

If a student fails to meet minimum of 85% attendance criteria, he/she will not be eligible to appear in final exam. However, if a student is absent on medical ground he/she may need to submit medical leave and fitness certificate.?

If a student arrives late to school for three days in a week that will be considered one day absent from school. In such case student will have to furnish a written note from parents mentioning reason of late arrival. In repeated cases student will be suspended from school.?

If a student remains absent from school prior to the exam without approval from head of school; he/ she will not be allowed to take the exam.?

If a student goes out of station; he/she will be required to submit a copy of traveling document (ticket etc) with a note from parent.?

In case of emergency school management must be informed as soon as possible via phone call from parents ideally within 24 hours

Note: One fact may please be considered that taking leave does not mean present, so student must not take unnecessary leaves as 85% attendance is a must)

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)


Organised Excursions: This includes the following;

Not wearing proper school uniform. (as instructed by school), wearing short and indecent wearing makeup, dangling jewellery , colourful dresses, trendy and indecent attire, misbehaving, shouting, pushing and pulling other students, foul talks, arguing with excursion supervisor/teacher, littering around, damaging or defacing public property etc?

If a student fails to wear school uniform; the excursion manager/teacher will have the authority to drop him/her from the event.?

If a student is found committing the other mentioned offences, he/she will meet the following;

Report will be sent to the parents under the signature of the excursion in charge and school head, and in extreme cases the student will be permanently disqualified from participating in such events in future.

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)



Property and lockers:? This includes;?

Damaging desks, table, chairs, window pans, doors, display material, whiteboards, electronic gadgets, electrical appliances, lockers etc ( property is anything the school has paid to possess)

If a student damages school?s property, he/she will meet the following procedure;

First Time:? Payment for damages /expenses will be charged and memo to the parents?

Second Time: Payment for damages /expenses will be charged and warning letter issued signed by school head.

Third Time: Payment for damages /expenses will be charged and student suspended from school for time period decided by school head.

Repeated Cases my result in expulsion from school without further notice with immediate effect.?


Littering: this includes;?

Spilling water in classes, corridor, on the ground, throwing empty water bottles, throwing empty packets etc, spitting chew gums, food remains etc

In case of littering social services will be imposed on the student including cleaning the place, picking up things thrown by the student. If he/she refuses social services a warning letter will be issued with signature of Head of school and teacher on duty.

Repeated actions will result in suspension from school.?

13. Prohibited items: this includes; bringing pornographic material, sharp knives, weapons, sleeping pills, drugs, glass items etc? If a student is found involved in bringing any of the mentioned items to school; he/she will be expelled from school with immediate effect.??