There is only one sort of discipline, PERFECT discipline. (George S. Patton)

  • Rationale:

At Dubai Carmel School we believe that good behaviour is essential for an effective learning environment in which all students are given the opportunity to achieve. We seek to create a caring and inclusive environment which encourages and reinforces good behaviour.

We acknowledge that our parents and wider community expect good behaviour as an important outcome of the educational process.

Our approach is closely aligned to the KHDA requirements that guide the principles and practice in all Dubai schools.

  1. Aims:
  • To ensure the safety of staff and students and promote effective learning and teaching environment on campus and build healthy bonding between Teacher- student and student-student relationship.?
  • To create an environment conducive to learning and to ensure that all children are involved and value their learning experiences.
  • To inculcate a spirit of self discipline in the students and transform them into law abided citizens with well rounded personalities.?


  • Policy Statement:


  1. Positive Student Recognition

All students enjoy receiving recognition for expected behaviour. Students respond better when they are encouraged and rewarded for positive behaviour and actions. Once students realize that positive behaviour brings about positive recognition, they are more likely to behave appropriately. Choosing to act in a positive and responsible way results in positive consequence:?

Each Year group and subject will be abided by a common behaviour management system which functions on ?Reward? and ?Reformative Punishment? as key drives.?

  1. Strategies to be avoided:


  • Teachers must not send students out of class to sit in the hallway unsupervised as a consequence of poor behaviour.
  • Teachers must treat children with respect and should make every effort to avoid embarrassing students, particularly in front of their peers
  • Humiliating students is not acceptable. Teachers must take care of the students? sentiments considering their religious, cultural, social and ethnic affiliations.?
  • Teachers must avoid physical contact with students.??


?????????????????????????????????????????GENERAL SCHOOL RULES

  1. Student must carry their school books every day to ensure the flow of studies.
  1. Student are required to be in their classrooms by 7:35am, when the first bell for the Form Period rings they must remain in class and must leave only with the permission of the class teacher. Habitual late comers and those found loitering around will be strictly dealt. Parents must make arrangements to collect their children latest by 2:00pm. The school will not be responsible for the children after 2:00pm.
  1. Student must come to school in complete uniform including school pant, shirt, belt and proper black school shoes. Use of gel, chunky jewellery, and make up, nail polish and coloured scarfs is strictly prohibited. Only white head scarfs are allowed. PE uniform for both boys and girls can be worn only on the PE days of the week
  1. Except in case of illness, students are expected to be present for the entire school year. In case of a student being absent a note from the parent must be sent with him/her explaining the reason of absence. Personal engagement should be arranged so as not to conflict with school commitments. In case of absent from examination, an attested medical certificate form M.O.H will be required for a retest.
  1. The school regards the completion of careful and regular work in the class and at home as an indispensable part of the curriculum. Parents should contact the teachers if the child is found doing too little work. It is essential that the students endeavor to catch up on any missed work. For primary classes (1-4) parents must meet the teachers concerned if the student is returning after a long absence.
  1. Parents are strongly advised to put name tags on their children?s belongings. The school cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft of students? property. Student must keep track of their belongings and not leave them unattended.
  1. Bringing of mobile phones, CDS, cameras or any other electronic items is strictly prohibited. Students found in possession of any of these items will severely dealt with and the items are liable to be confiscated.
  1. There is a strict code of conduct with regard to the behavior of student. Students are expected to behave courteously with teachers and peers. Rude and unruly behaviour, use of foul language, violence, vandalism, harassment, intimidation or bullying in school or on the bus will result in strict disciplinary action including written warning letters followed by a letter of suspension in cases where these actions are repeated.
  2. In order to inculcate the habit of healthy eating the consumption of fizzy drinks (Coke, 7 Up, Pepsi etc. and energy drinks) and chewing gum is not allowed.
  3. Mobile phone are not allowed in school premises but if brought in case of dire need must be handed over to the section supervisors; if a student is found using or having mobile phone in class, the mobile phone will be confiscated student suspended from school for? a period decided by section supervisors with approval from Heads of Schools.?


  1. Discipline Plan:

At DCS teachers and other adults manage the behaviour of students in and around the school, address any inappropriate behaviour themselves, prior to referring students to senior staff. Any disciplinary action will be in compliance with all KHDA and UAE laws, policies, and guidelines. A corporate responsibility around school is;

  1. In the classroom, students who choose to act inappropriately will receive a sanction. A hierarchy of consequences for first and minor offences will be agreed to and implemented in each Year Group and subject. Students will have the choice to learn from mistakes and to not commit a similar action. Any ?time-??out? imposed, (missed break / lunch? / detention/ extra assignments/ stopping sports and activity classes) becomes part of a reflective process, where children are given the chance to learn and discuss their negative actions with staff.
  2. Should the teacher?s classroom behaviour plan be ineffective, teachers are to complete the behaviour report form/ log, before involving a senior colleague. At this stage a formal behaviour plan may be created, and the student will be placed on formal behaviour monitoring. The goal of a formal behaviour plan is to outline for the student additional support in modifying negative behaviour and supporting changes to positive behaviour.
  3. ?Serious and repeated behaviour incidents must be recorded along with the recording of all meetings with parents to discuss behaviour concerns. Ideally, records will be kept electronically, and should be available for future access and to the Discipline Committee.

4 Roles and Responsibilities:


4.1 Student Rights and Responsibilities:

All DCS students are expected to honour and practise their student rights and responsibilities.

All students have the right to:

  • Be provided with a high quality education without being negatively affected by others? behaviour
  • Be safe and respected in a welcoming school environment with no physical punishment
  • Be treated with respect and fairness by teachers, staff, and fellow students
  • Be provided with appropriate educational activities that promote individual talents, abilities, and potential
  • Be recognized for good behaviour in class and while at school
  • Be supported in how to change misconduct into positive student behaviour
  • Be supported by parents, guardians, or designated members at school meetings about behaviour


All students are responsible for:


  • Developing positive relationships and values
  • Following all policies, rules, and regulations set forth by DCS
  • Following the Student Code of Conduct and Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Engaging as active learners and contributing and participating positively to the learning environment
  • Contributing to the school community and acting as ambassadors of the school
  • Contributing to and promoting a positive school environment


Standards of Students? Behaviour


Unacceptable behaviour

Given that students have a right to be in an orderly and safe learning environment, they are expected to behave, both inside the school premises as well as on school buses, in a friendly and orderly manner and to demonstrate respect? to? all persons and property. Unacceptable behaviour in such contexts includes repeatedly disrupting the class, shouting, leaving the class without authorisation, showing disrespect to? teachers and other students, lingering, failure to do work to the best of one’s ability, fighting, using inappropriate language, playing rough, behaving disrespectfully with others, throwing objects at others, bullying someone and indulging in acts of vandalism.



Assemblies are an essential communication tool. The goal of a successful assembly is to contribute to the development and maintenance of a quality environment for all students that will enable them to enjoy their daily collective experience. Thus it is mandatory for the students to attend morning assemblies without fail otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the class or participate in any activity of the day.?


Travel on School Buses

While travelling on a school bus, students must behave in an orderly and respectful manner. School discipline policies apply to bus boarding and travel as well. Students must follow the instructions given by the teachers on board, the bus assistant and driver. Playing loud music, making noise, talking foul, disrespecting the bus staff, getting late for the bus, changing seats are strictly prohibited and continuous repetition of the same may result in? suspension and if needed cancellation of transport facility.?


Dress Code

Students are expected to maintain high standards in their personal appearance. This is part of being proud of themselves and of their School. It is also a vital part of preparing students for the world of work, where personal presentation can matter a great deal in achieving their ambitions. Students are expected to wear the full school uniform, relevant prescribed sportswear, or other indicated attire for school outings. Students should be informed of the school?s in-house and out-of-school regulations regarding jewelry and hairstyles.? Students coming to school without uniform habitually will not be allowed to enter the classrooms and parents will be called to take such students back home. Continuity of the same will result in warning letters and suspension imposed on the student.?



Punctuality is essential. All students are expected to be punctual in arriving at school, to lessons, and at any other school function. Students should moreover have all the necessary materials and equipment at hand before the commencement of lessons.?

Tardiness, and late coming are highly discouraged.? Three consecutive late reporting will result in one day suspension from school.? In case of genuine need parents are expected to contact the section supervisors to covey the reason of late coming.?


School work

Students must work to the best of their ability. Failure to demonstrate effort, interest, and?

pride in one’s work results in unacceptable standards. Students should expect to have any?

shabbily completed assignment to be corrected and returned to them without a grade.

Assignments and homework should be completed on time. If, for any valid reason, such work is not presented on time, students are expected to produce a note from their parents and to make the necessary arrangements with the teachers for extra help or extra time, if absolutely necessary. Habitual failure to present and produce standard work in the class will be strictly dealt with and may result in issuing warning letters, meeting with parents and if felt necessary suspension from school. DCS reserve the right to deny admissions to habitually lazy and academically weak students? in future academic sessions.?


Changing Classes between Lessons

When it is necessary to move between lessons this should be done quickly and quietly. No lingering should be allowed. Where a system of student- based classes is in use, teachers and class leaders or prefects should ensure that the class group is not left unsupervised for an unreasonable length of time. Students are expected to abide by school rules.

Out pass system

Going out of the class without a valid reason is strictly not allowed, however in dire and urgent cases out pass system has been established This system ensures that a student taking one specific pass does not get chance to roam around in the school. There separate passes for different reasons. They are classified as;


  1. Washroom pass
  2. Library pass?
  3. Clinic Pass
  4. Admin Pass

Attendance and Absences

In accordance with the education legislation, it is compulsory parents to regularly send their school-age children to school. Established procedures should be followed. Secondary maintains record of lesson attendance. 85% of the attendance is a must for all the students.??

Students can only leave the premises when the parent or guardian calling for them (a) presents a personal identity card, and (b) has obtained the permission of the Head of School or a designate.


Organised Excursions

Educational visits, field trips and seminars are authorised and may be taken as an extension of the classroom to contribute to the achievement of the educational goals of the school. Students are expected to attend these activities. While on such excursions, students are to consider themselves as guests and ambassadors of their school. Students must treat teachers, helpers and guides with respect and courtesy. School notifies parents and to obtain their written consent in advance. On such occasions, students are required to wear proper school uniform. (as instructed by school). Wearing short and indecent dresses are not allowed, wearing makeup, dangling jewellery or colourful dresses is not allowed. If a student is not in proper uniform, he/ she are dropped from the trip/excursions.?



Students are expected to respect such school property as furniture, buildings, books, materials and equipment. Students have an important role to play in ensuring that the physical environment is kept clean and attractive.

Students are responsible for school library books and other educational materials and equipment in their possession and are not to deface or damage them. Fines will be charged for any damage or loss.

In case of intentional damage to school or personal property of others, such behaviour renders parents or guardians liable for restitution. Fines equivalent to the minimum cost of the item damaged or destroyed will be charged. Incidents of pilfering will be dealt with in a similar manner.



Where lockers are available, they are the property of the school. Students should use the lockers assigned to them solely for storing their school materials and personal items necessary for school attendance. It shall be the responsibility of each student to keep the assigned locker clean and undamaged. The expenses to repair damage done to lockers are charged to the students who are responsible for the damage.


Behaviour in Common Areas


While in the library, in the laboratories, lunch areas such as canteens, grounds and other common areas, students are expected to behave well as they would in class. Standards of behaviour and hygiene in toilets must be ensured. Littering is considered a social offence.


Prohibited items

  • Any object that can cause physical or moral harm is absolutely prohibited.
  • Valuable items: Students are responsible for their own property and should not bring valuables or excessive amounts of cash to school.
  • Mobile phones: these are prohibited on school premises if not otherwise allowed via special permission from management in case of dire and genuine need. Mobile phones brought to school without permission will be confiscated ( returned at the end of term)?
  • Glass items: Students are encouraged to use re-usable containers and discouraged from taking with them to school or carrying away any glass bottles or containers.
  • Smoking and drugs Use: Students are absolutely prohibited from smoking, consuming alcoholic drinks, and using substances prohibited by law. Any students involved in smoking or drugs on campus will be barred from school without any prior notice.

Offences and Reformative Procedure Table

Offence Reformative Procedure?
1 Unacceptable behaviour: This includes the following:?

Disrupting the class, shouting, leaving the class without authorisation, showing disrespect to? teachers and other students, lingering, failure to do work to the best of one’s ability, fighting, using inappropriate language, playing rough, behaving disrespectfully with others, throwing objects at others, bullying someone and indulging in acts of vandalism on campus and in the class

In? case a student?s behaviour falls into any of the mentioned the following procedure is followed:

First? time:? One on One counseling by teacher

Second Time: Team counseling by Subject leader and Subject teacher?

Third Time: Report to parents with approval from head of school and sent via section supervisor

Fourth Time:? Issuing warning letter duly signed by Head of School. Any student who repeats will be issued further warning letters (with gap of 15 days) followed by suspension from school.???

If a student continues to demonstrate unacceptable behaviour the school has the right to refuse him/ her admission in next academic session.?

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)

2 AssembliesAssemblies are an essential communication tool.

If a student is present in school campus he/ she are required to attend morning assemblies.

If a student is found avoiding morning assemblies without a valid reason/ he or she will not be allowed to enter the classroom or attend any pedagogic activity including sports. In that case he/she will either be given extra writing assignments long enough for the day or his/her parents will be called to him/her back home.?

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)

3 Travel on School Buses? this include the following:

Playing loud music, making noise, talking foul, disrespecting the bus staff, getting late for the bus, changing seats, damaging seats etc.

If a student?s actions on bus fall into any of the mentioned; he /she will meet the below given procedure:

First Time: Memo sent to the parents signed by transport in charge of the school.

Second Time:? Transport facility will be suspended for three ( 3) days.

Third time:? Transport facility will be suspended for ? thirty (30)days or in extreme cases will be cancelled/ terminated for the whole academic year. In such case? school will adhere to zero refund policy.?

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)

4. Dress Code/ Uniform Code: This includes the following:Failure to wear prescribed school uniform, wearing sports uniform on routine days, failure to wear sportswear on sports? days, making long? trendy, spiky and funky hair styles, using gel, wearing makeup,( nail polish, lipstick) wearing dangling jewellery, wearing coloured and trendy caps, and scarfs, long loose hair, wearing colourful hair bands, ribbon, clips etc If? a student?s fails to meet the dress code of the school? he/ she will meet the following measures:

First Time:? student will be asked to sit in the school library for the whole day and do writing assignments and parents will be informed via a written note issued by section supervisor.?

Second Time:? A warning will be issued duly signed by Head of the school and delivered via section supervisor

Third Time:? Student will not be allowed to enter the school gate? and sent back home

Repeated Cases:? will be suspended from school

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)


5. Punctuality:? This includes;???

Tardiness, reporting late to school, reporting late to classes, roaming around in the area after the school time

If a student is not punctual he/ she may meet the following measures:

First Time: ? Oral counseling on time management will be given by the section supervisor? and parents informed

Second Time:? Parents will be informed, student suspended from school activities and extra writing assignment given

Third Time: Student will be suspended for two days via suspension letter signed by school head.

Repeated Cases:? Parents will be called to school for a PST triangular meeting to address the issue, if? still persists, student will be suspended for? One week.

Repeated cases will meet more severe measures decided by the school management.?

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)

6. School work:? this includes;?

Failure to complete class, home work, assignments, projects etc?

If a student fails to submit the school work he/ she will meet the following measures;

First Time: ? One on one counseling by subject teacher

Second Time:? Team counseling by subject teacher and subject leader

Third Time:? Written note will be sent to parents via section supervisor

Fourth Time:? Warning letter will be issued by Head of School?

Repeated Cases: will result in suspension from school and refusal of admission for future academic session.

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)

7. Changing Classes between Lessons: this includes; making noise in the corridors, banging doors, leaving or entering the class without permission, pushing and pulling other students in corridors If a student is involved in any of the mentioned offenses, section supervisor will suggest appropriate remedial action according to the situation.?

Repeated or habitual cases will result in warning letters and memos to the parents.?

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)

8. Out pass system: ? This includes the following:??

Misusing the pass, going to areas he/she is not authorised to go to by the pass he /she possesses?

If a student is involved in such act; he/ she will meet the following reformative measures:?

First Time:? student will get strict oral warning from section supervisor

Second Time: student will be given supervised social work (assigned by the section supervisor)

Third Time:? Student?s break and sports classes will be cancelled

Fourth Time: Warning letter will be issued to the student duly signed by School Head.?

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)

9 Attendance and Absences: this includes the following; ? remaining absent from the school for more than 15% of the school days, remaining absent from school for long intervals without obtaining prior permission from the head of school, late arrival for three or more consecutive days, missing lessons, taking French preparatory leaves prior to the exams, perpetual leaves without approval, outstation leave without informing the school To ensure attendance the following procedure is followed by DCS

If a student fails to meet minimum of 85% attendance criteria, he/she will not be eligible to appear in final exam. However, if a student is absent on medical ground he/she may need to submit medical leave and fitness certificate.?

If a student arrives late to school for three days in a week that will be considered one day absent from school. In such case student will have to furnish a written note from parents mentioning reason of late arrival. In repeated cases student will be suspended from school.?

If a student remains absent from school prior to the exam without approval from head of school; he/ she will not be allowed to take the exam.?

If a student goes out of station; he/she will be required to submit a copy of traveling document (ticket etc) with a note from parent.?

In case of emergency school management must be informed as soon as possible via phone call from parents ideally within 24 hours

Note: One fact may please be considered that taking leave does not mean present, so student must not take unnecessary leaves as 85% attendance is a must)

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)

10. Organised Excursions: This includes the following;

Not wearing proper school uniform. (as instructed by school), wearing short and indecent wearing makeup, dangling jewellery , colourful dresses, trendy and indecent attire, misbehaving, shouting, pushing and pulling other students, foul talks, arguing with excursion supervisor/teacher, littering around, damaging or defacing public property etc?

If a student fails to wear school uniform; the excursion manager/teacher will have the authority to drop him/her from the event.?

If a student is found committing the other mentioned offences, he/she will meet the following;

Report will be sent to the parents under the signature of the excursion in charge and school head, and in extreme cases the student will be permanently disqualified from participating in such events in future.

(Written Record of every measure taken will maintained)


11. Property and lockers:? This includes;?

Damaging desks, table, chairs, window pans, doors, display material, whiteboards, electronic gadgets, electrical appliances, lockers etc ( property is anything the school has paid to possess)

If a student damages school?s property, he/she will meet the following procedure;

First Time:? Payment for damages /expenses will be charged and memo to the parents?

Second Time: Payment for damages /expenses will be charged and warning letter issued signed by school head.

Third Time: Payment for damages /expenses will be charged and student suspended from school for time period decided by school head.

Repeated Cases my result in expulsion from school without further notice with immediate effect.?

12. Littering: this includes;?

Spilling water in classes, corridor, on the ground, throwing empty water bottles, throwing empty packets etc, spitting chew gums, food remains etc

In case of littering social services will be imposed on the student including cleaning the place, picking up things thrown by the student. If he/she refuses social services a warning letter will be issued with signature of Head of school and teacher on duty.

Repeated actions will result in suspension from school.?

13. Prohibited items: this includes; bringing pornographic material, sharp knives, weapons, sleeping pills, drugs, glass items etc? If a student is found involved in bringing any of the mentioned items to school; he/she will be expelled from school with immediate effect.??
  • Pornographic materials: Such materials are absolutely prohibited by law and sanctions will be applied against any student responsible for their possession, dissemination and sale. Students involved in such activities will be expelled from school without any prior notice.?
  • Weapons: Sharp objects, knives and other weapons which can be used to threaten, bully or harm others are absolutely prohibited from the school premises, during travel to and from school, and during school excursions. If a students found carrying such items, a minimum penalty of three (3)days suspension from school will be imposed if student repeats? and re-repeats? the action will be denied admission in next/ future academic sessions.?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??



Dubai Carmel School firmly believes that inculcating decent and acceptable behaviour is one of the most important aims of education. DCS deem that most of our students demonstrate decent and socially acceptable behaviour. However, to raise the behaviour standards to an exemplary level we have sit some simple and realistic parameters called Classroom Behaviour Management Code (CBMC) which must be followed by all the students in true spirit.?

Level of Commotion?? Actions Involved? Reformative Actions Takes?
Mild Disruption / Distraction/ Misbehaviour?

(First Stage)

Calling out

Interrupting? peers? and classroom pedagogy?

disregard instructions?

Incomplete class work?


?Playing games?

Whispering and talking to friends

?Speaking languages other than English?

Baseless arguing

asking indecent or irrelevant question

trying to leave the class without permission

?reporting late to the class

spending more than 3 to 5 minutes out of the class?

One on one highlighting importance of decent? conduct

Reinforce expectations through praise

Provide tangible resources to help focus

Oral reminders to be on task?

Confiscating games, or gadgets?

Changing seating? plan?

Assigning the student to section supervisor for counselling?

( Oral procedure but a short note with date, lesson number and time will furnished for future reference)

Moderate Distraction/ Disruption Misbehaviour?

(Second Stage)

Talking louder to friends?

Making noise?

Talking foul/ using slangs?

Not Opening books despite reminders from teacher

Intentionally creating a disturbance

Increased tendency of ignoring instructions

Offensive language

Physical mild offense to peers?

Arguing with teacher repeatedly?

Banging tables/ desks

Changing seats without permission?

Leaving the class without permission?

Obstructing classroom pedagogy?

Bunking lesson ( first timers)

Bringing energy or fizzy drinks to class?

Littering in the class?

Written memos? issued by the teacher

Deduction of marks co-scholastics?

Issue behaviour card? ( which will be maintained for one week to track behaviour of the student)

Implementing? target card

Suspending? Sports lessons ( two)

Discussion with parents

Recording of incidents in behaviour book

Expectations with timescales / timer

Paying extra attention??

Changing seating plan

High level disruption / incident Serious challenge to authority?

Fighting with? other students?

Misbehaving with teachers

Intentional physical harm of others

Repeated & sustained ignoring instructions

Leaving classrooms without permission

Malicious allegations against others

Deliberate damage to property

Prolonged lack of effort in learning

Damaging/ defacing school?s property?

Offending teachers?

Refusing to participate in class activities or? instigating others to do so

Playing music etc?

Playing games on mobile/gadget?

Connecting to social media while sitting in class

Foul/ obscene talks?

Abusing peers? ( even for the sake of fun is not allowed)

Excessive use of other languages in class

Apply positive strategies as above

Individual behaviour plan in place

Deeds management sheet given to induce self discipline?

Parents called for meeting?

Behaviour card given?

Memo sent to parents?

Target card overseen by senior leader

Record of incidents in behaviour book

Regular review meetings with parents

Extra work/ written assignments given?

Barred from PE lessons?

Team counselling given by section supervisor, concerned teacher and school head

Changing seating plan?

Confiscating gadget for one month

Warning letters issued

Suspension from class ( time period decided by HoS)

Expulsion from school in extreme cases

Extreme cases of misbehaviour / serious incidents Bullying ? physical and emotional?

Threatening peers or teachers?

Offensive physical contact?

Defaming peer or teachers?

Bringing drugs/ pornographic material to school?

Repeatedly challenging teacher?s authority and prestige?

Repeatedly refusing to participate in classroom learning activities?

Repeated serious challenge to authority

Serious intentional physical harm of others

Leaving school boundary without permission

Issuing warning letter ( signed by concerned teacher, section supervisor and Head of school)

Fixed term exclusion

Permanent exclusion

Confiscating the gadgets for one complete academic session?


I hereby submit that I have read the student code of conduct of Dubai Carmel School, understood it properly and undertake that I will adhere to the policy to the best of my abilities.? In case of any offence I will submit my will to the school?s policy and accept any reformative procedure imposed therein.?


Student Name: ___________________________________________________ Grade________________


Date of Birth:___________________________: ? ? ? ? Signature:___________________________________

I hereby submit that I have read the student code of conduct of Dubai Carmel School, understood it properly and undertake that my ward will adhere to the policy to the best of his abilities.? In case of any offence my wards submit his will to the school?s policy and accept any reformative procedure imposed therein.?


??????Student Name: _________________________________________ Profession: ________________


??????Contact:___________________________: ? ? ? ? Signature:__________________________________

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


?Every care has been taken to align the discipline policy to the discipline policy of MOE; however the policy will undergo periodical reviews. Errors and omissions are excepted.?