Words Of the Board of Governor

Dr Maya Alhawary
Director of Planning and Chairman of the Board of Governors?- Dubai Carmel School

Miss Maya Al Hawary is an inspirational Emirati Educator and the first PHD scholar to research Emotional Intelligence and its effect on leadership in the United Arab Emirates. Her role as the Chairperson at Dubai Carmel School is to maintain school accountability and finances.

In her words, ?Education?s important ? it gives you the academic, practical and creative tools to question and engage with what the world?s all about. My motivation behind becoming the board of governor was a way to save and build a wellbeing not just for myself but also for the community as a whole. My commitment towards the role is to make myself available and ready to tackle challenges that are faced and deal with them upfront with a firm fist.

My vision for any student who comes to school is to assure them that we think about the future of the child, his family and his future in the Emirates. We aim to build a structure for them in our school in a way that this generation should grow and come out and expand their life in the coming future not just in academics but other aspects of life.?


We strictly follow The National Agenda for U.A.E 2031 and our goal is to provide quality education. Keeping in mind that every child is unique and special. For us,

  1. Health is a priority
  2. Mental health is equally important
  3. Creative skills and development of the same
  4. Live positively.