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    Stimulating and Interactive Learning Experience

    In a fast paced world, it is crucial that we develop and explore technologies across the curriculum.  Whether that is through the specialist delivery of Design and Technology from Year 2 or through Computational Thinking from Year 1, our students are encouraged to think beyond limits. Innovation forms part of the UAE Vision 2021 and as part of the National Agenda, we promote innovation through meaningful learning opportunities with elements of research, exploration, risk taking and critical thinking. The application of skills throughout the curriculum in this way, ensures that our children are ready for the change in the world that is inevitable with new and exciting technologies.


    What would happen if we created a culture and community where school became compelling instead of just compulsory? We believe this shift will create a better school… one where children are the center and their engagement in the learning is of utmost important.


    Projects – learn by doing work on meaningful projects
    Passions – work and persist on projects you care about
    Peers – share, collaborate, and build upon each other’s work
    ​Play – experiment and explore

    Innovation Club

    Innovation Club Promotes Innovation in School

    The DCS Innovation Club is unique to our school and provides students with real-life experiences. It promotes innovation in school by bringing together Design and Technology, Mathematics, Physics and other disciplines from classroom learning into a practical, hands-on course. Established in 2019, the Innovation Club has now evolved to offer both a beginner’s alternative for new pupils and an advanced course for older members

    Our programs:


    • Identify a problem that needs fixing, engage in your local environment to build a hypothesis using customer insights, and pitch your solution to professionals
    • Develop your entrepreneurial skill set and craft a business model that could be successfully launched
    • Travel with DCS faculty on course-integrated Study Tours to experience different start-up environments and actively engage with entrepreneurs in UAE.

    “You don’t think about it, but it takes dozens of failed ideas before you arrive at a solid basis. I’ve been challenged to make contacts and realize the necessity of staying motivated to bring an idea to life.”
    –  Rachel, Bradley University

    Skill Development

    In general, apart from the core subject expertise, some of the prominent employable skills that employers seek are:

    • communication skills (verbal and written)
    • commercial awareness 
    • attitude towards work
    • lifelong learning
    • self-management
    • teamwork
    • problem solving
    • initiative
    • self-motivation
    • adaptability
    • stress management
    • creativity
    • interpersonal sensitivity
    • technology/it skills

    “About 90% of the employment opportunities require vocational training skills. Only 20% of our graduates get employed. The rest are unable to get suitable employment due to lack of employment skills”

    Muhammad Ehtesham, Innovation Head
    Dubai Carmel School
    Technology in Classes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Technology has become a fantastic and useful tool in the classroom. Teachers are expected to make use of it to enhance the learning experience and information dissemination. However, knowledge of the different tools available, what they can do, and their impact allows teachers to use them optimally. With numerous tech players actively involved in developing gadgets of the future, we can only speculate what new advances will be making their way into classrooms in the coming days.

    By Using AR VR technology we are changing the way of learning like never before.





    Following the evolution of technology, educational capabilities are changing and growing daily. The Internet is a vast library of data that is useful in shaping up the landscape of education as we know it. All in all, technology alone will not change education. Good grades and practical knowledge are as important as ever. Technology in education is therefore simply a catalyst, a tool for conveying lessons whose effectiveness cannot be overlooked.

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    • Dubai Carmel School
    The Future Teacher

    Be a teacher to impact our future. Two students from each class will be getting an Opportunity to be a teacher for one period on 23rd May.